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The story of 101meme starts in the Italian region, "Marche", full of olive groves, vineyards and ancient villages, where agriculture and craftsmanship come together giving life to products that have a common characteristic, caring.

Founded in 1990, by Gianni Vecchi, and named for his Aunt Meme, who has seen 101 birthdays, and, as he said "...she has never lived a day without smiling."

Born from Gianni's passion for real and imperfect vegetable tanned leather, 101MEME bags are produced in his workshop, using the Garment Dyed Technique with materials that acquire value and beauty over time. (See below to learn more about this technique).

He feels that "A bag is not just a case. It is above all an expression of personality. We feel connected to those who choose our bag by a thread on which feelings and sensitivities similar to ours live."

So, when you wear a 101Meme, remember that passion and love have gone into every piece and like Aunt Meme... Always Smile.

Here is some information about how 101meme gets the color into their bags
"Almost all of our bags are made with the garment dyed technique.
But, what does it mean?
The garment dyeing is a technique used by few as it requires a great work of care and attention to details.
As the word itself suggests, the garment, but in our case the bag, is dyed after being made.
 The bag in the natural color is immersed in the barrels that contain water, color and emollients that give flexibility and softness. After about 3 hours, it is taken out, left to dry and subjected to final finishing operations.
 The difference between a bag made with already dyed leather and a bag dyed after construction is mainly in the softness and appearance. In the first case it is more structured and with a cleaner and more uniform appearance. In the second case, however, the garment-dyed bag remains soft and has a washed and vintage look.
 The garment dyeing, with its particularity, gives each bag shades and nuances of color that make each one different from the other.
It is a meticulously crafted work, mass production is impossible.
Each creation is unique and exclusive because it is imperfect.
The passing of time gives the garment dyed bag an added value and the beauty of the lived experience."

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