It's Always Earth Month at WEST

It’s finally April! Spring is upon us, and so is Earth Month! At WEST, we are celebrating by sharing a few of our brands striving for sustainability. 
First on our list is Bsbee! Named after a turquoise stone found in Arizona, their mission is to make completely sustainable and organic clothing made only of non-toxic materials. Their focus is to promote a critical message against behaviors that have led society and the environment to where they are today: pollution, global warming, and the exploitation of human and natural resources. Through their clothes, they are trying to do their part to counteract this trend.
Next up is a woman-owned business, Volta Atelier! Every accessory produced is hand-stitched by refugee women using upcycled scrap leather. The waste produced during the production of their bags are made into smaller pouches, buttons that can be used as closures on packaging, small gifts, and wallets. The artisans responsible for these amazing bags are refugees from Haiti who currently live in Brazil. Every woman receives her materials directly to her home with flexibility to make each piece.
volta atelier wristlet at
Zadig & Voltaire might not necessarily be known as a sustainable brand, but they are aiming to change that. Having set multiple sustainability goals, they are looking to meet these by 2025. With some changes already made, the brand is committed to using 100% RWS-certified wool, certified organic cotton, and certified LWS leather. This means certifications that guarantee respect for animal welfare, traceability, sustainable management of grazing land, using non-GMO cotton grown without chemical fertilizers, and sourcing leather from audited facilities based on their environmental compliance. Plus, they have already begun using 100% recyclable paper bags made from sustainably managed forests.
zadig & voltaire sustainable packaging at

 Speaking of sustainable packaging, our next brand, Monrow, has begun using compostable, plant-based bags! This means that with every order the brand sends out, they are eliminating plastic bags that would likely end up in a landfill.
While environmental action falls heavily on brands, we as consumers can do our part too!
Monrow brand has sustainable packaging at
We are ecstatic at the opportunity to showcase pieces from each of these brands in our Westport, CT store. Pop in, say hi and share with our team ways you have aimed to live eco-friendly this April! 

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