Featured WEST Designer: Ulla Johnson

We are big fans of Ulla Johnson.

As Freya Drohan wrote in fashionweekdaily.com ... "Ulla Johnson always marches to the beat of her own drum, and thanks to her Fall/Winter 2020 collection, I plan on doing the same." 

As a woman raised by a strong female role model and independent thinker, who always encouraged me to think outside the box and embrace my uniqueness, I seek out women designers for my store (and men too), who aren't afraid to be THEMSELVES! 

I have often said that '...getting dressed should be fun. A way to express yourself, whether you're going to meet a new client or your child's teacher. When you see your reflection, I want the person looking back at you to be smiling!'

That is what we strive to do at WEST: Empower YOU to smile at your reflection


About Ulla Johnson...

Born and raised in Manhattan, the daughter of archaeologists, Ulla Johnson honed her signature style between the streets of New York and the far-flung destinations of their family travels. Her eponymous line, founded in 1998 just after her graduation from university, immediately caught the attention of the fashion press.

Growing from a handful of directional boutiques and with an early endorsement from Barneys New York, Ulla Johnson’s collection has gained a dedicated following and the support of retailers across the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia. She has never wavered on her steadfast attention to the details of construction that have become her hallmark, basing each of her collections on a foundation of natural fibers, beautiful finishing, and ease of fit and form.

The Ulla Johnson label has become synonymous with custom prints, intricate embroideries, and fine tailoring, all of which have earned her a loyal and global customer base. With the introduction of a shoe collection in Fall 2013, the line now encompasses a full range of product categories sourced and produced worldwide with an emphasis on artisanal and handcrafted processes.

Ulla lives in Brooklyn with her husband and three children.

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