Finding Comfort In Quarantine

We're all trying to find comfort in quarantine. It's really easy to become complacent, or should I say lazy, when you don't have anywhere to be, anything to do or anyone to see (except maybe the other beings sharing your space).

Life during COVID-19 can definitely be a challenge, even if you are 'sheltered in place'.

It's easy to fall into the habit of staying in pajamas. Sometimes the same pair you've been wearing for days, or longer. 😱

Real world clothes often feel stiff and overdone for just staying in the house.

But, there is an important psychological aspect to maintaining (or starting) a routine where you Get Up, Get Focused and Get Dressed.

Getting dressed every morning changes your mindset and sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

I've worked from my home office for many years, and I learned a long time ago that setting a morning routine (which differs for everyone) that culminates with showering and getting dressed, makes a huge difference in not just my productivity, but my happiness level as well. 

But 'getting dressed' doesn't have to mean being uncomfortable. In fact, if you're like me comfort clothing is becoming even more important, as I spend my days working on the "COVID GAIN", eating my way through the hours. 🥺

Elastic waist pants are now a necessity, but I'm not only donning college aged sweats, I believe we can still add style and fun to our outfits without giving up some extra roominess. There are lots of designers who make pants comfortable enough to lounge in while still adding some 'coolness' to your look. 

Not that there's anything wrong with a good college sweat every now and then! I personally go for a little bit of an upgraded Aviator Nation look (available to buy on our website as well).

Pierre-Louis Mascia and Raquel Allegra are two brands we love at WEST and they have some amazing new silk drawstring pants in their Spring collections. I've included a couple of selfies (you know I love my selfies 🤣) wearing some pieces that have just arrived in the store. 


Kitt Shapiro finding comfort in quarantine at Kitt Shapiro find comfort in quarantine at

WEST in Westport Connecticut, is currently closed to help keep our community stay safe during this pandemic, but we are working on getting many of our items available here in our e-commerce store. 

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Don't overthink it. Wear your clothes. Enjoy them.
The person I want you to see smiling, is the one looking back at you in your mirror. 


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