The Super Woman behind SPRWMN

Here at WEST, we love featuring other women-owned businesses. Our next featured brand was the brainchild of 

Los Angeles native Amber Dahan, a mother of 2 and fashion designer. Known for their comfortability and quality, SPRWMN quickly made a name for themselves when hopping onto the scene in 2016. Amber craved the leather quality and style offered overseas that was lacking here in the states and took it into her own hands. After bringing samples home with her after a trip to Paris, she quickly discovered the pieces made from this material offered a flattering, comfortable fit. Each piece of lamb skin leather comes from an expert French artisan, is hand dyed with vegetal dyes, and offers an elasticity that allows the piece to recover. Over 7 years later, SPRWMN has grown and evolved tremendously, with countless new styles, the opening of their Melrose store and even a fragrance line.

We are so happy to carry their fan-favorites here at WEST in Westport, Connecticut, including their Leather Crop Flare Pant and Leather Drawstring Jogger. Come shop Ambers beautiful creations in-store or online!



kitt shapiro wearing sprwmn drawstring leather jogger at

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