WEST Makes Getting Dressed Fun!

'WEST makes getting dressed fun!'

So many times I hear women say "Where am I wearing that?" and I say to them, "Just wear it. Don't overthink it."

Clothing is the skin we choose to show the world. And you should be able to wear what makes you feel good when you look at yourself in the mirror. So, why save the bling only for a special occasion?

I realize it's not practical to wear an evening gown when you're shuttling your kids to and from school and activities, but why not spice up your everyday looks with some of the special pieces you only wear a few times a year? 

Loyd Ford is a California based brand that we absolutely love because they believe, as we do at WEST, that fashion should be fun. And that means mixing your ripped denim jeans and graphic t-shirts with a sequined jacket. Or, wearing that sparkly flouncy skirt with an oversized sweatshirt, leather jacket and hi-top sneakers. 

 Aren't there enough moments in the day when things get serious or tough? Let's keep it light and fun when we're getting dressed, and maybe bring a smile to our own faces when we catch a glimpse of our own reflections.

 Smythe Skirt, MadeWorn Tees, Hipchik Blazer  Kitt Shapiro owner of Westport CT boutique WEST, wearing Loyd Ford and Hipchik  Loyd Ford Top with Moussy Jeans and Hammitt Bag

We make getting dressed fun! #getitatWEST
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