What are doing in quarantine?

What are you doing in quarantine? I've been expanding my mind along with my waistline. 😱

I was sure I was going to accomplish so many of tasks that I never find time for, but now realize that 'time' was not what was lacking. 🤣

We're going on six weeks since we were ordered to shelter in place, and I have yet to clean out one closet, organize one cabinet or drawer, or even read one of the many books loaded on my Kindle.

I have eaten a shit ton of ice cream (Van Leeuwen vegan Salted Caramel and Chocolate, are my GoTo flavors) and spent hours doing NY Times Crossword Puzzles, both new and old (although I rarely make it past Wednesdays 🥺). Crossword puzzles are a sometimes a frustrating, yet easy, ways to spend hours sitting in one spot unaware of the time. There are days when I really appreciate that since there is so much uncertainty as to when and how life will be able to resume some type of normalcy.

I do know that I will be needing a few more pairs of elastic waist pants. Even though I have been working out every day, ( Peloton is a life saver right now, and their strength and yoga classes are a great way to switch it up), I am definitely consuming more calories than I am burning. I am calling it the COVID Gain ( I may surpass the COVID 19!) 

I have had some productive days, working on expanding this website and adding more of our items to the Shop section as our brick and mortar store remains closed. I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed with that task, as there is a lot one needs to know about the online world and ice cream and crossword puzzles just feel so much easier. 

I am grateful that I had a mother who taught me that humor is one of life's necessities and never to take yourself too seriously, for that allows me to find laughter in every day, even through these uncertain times. 

I thought I would share a little of my thoughts, for no particular reason. Just to say that we're all riding a crazy wave, and if possible, I hope you are able to find some levity and joy. This is still the only 'life' we get! 

So, remember to smile. 😊 It may make someone's day. Maybe, even your own.



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