A bright green Crossbody Bag from DEBBIE KATZ with a gold zipper and a matching green strap sits on a glass table. The background features blooming pink flowers, green foliage, and bare branches, creating a contrasting natural scene behind the bag, perfect for traveling in style.
A DEBBIE KATZ Crossbody Bag in green leather with a gold zipper is displayed on a white surface, perfect for traveling. Folded colorful clothing items create a vibrant backdrop.
The DEBBIE KATZ Crossbody Bag, perfect for traveling, features a central zipper and an adjustable strap. Its slightly curved shape and smooth texture are complemented by a small pull tab attached to the zipper, making it both stylish and functional.
Traveling in style with a Debbie Katz clothing and accessories set that includes a black blazer, white t-shirt, distressed blue jeans, DEBBIE KATZ Crossbody Bag, and a colorful geometric-patterned belt.

Crossbody Bag

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We LOVE LOVE LOVE this green crossbody by Debbie Katz.

Perfect for running around town, traveling and everything in between.