A person wearing a green "Keep Smiling Tee" by Madeworn, designed from ultra-soft cotton with the yellow text "Have a Fun Day!" on the back. The person is standing outdoors.
A person wearing a bright green Keep Smiling Tee by Madeworn made of ultra-soft cotton, featuring a big yellow smiley face on the pocket. Above it are three buttons that say "HELP," "IT ME," and show a basketball. The person is also wearing layered necklaces and has white pants on.
A person wearing a vintage-inspired, ultra-soft cotton green "Keep Smiling Tee" by Madeworn with various pins, including a smiley face, sits in a car with the door open. They hold a large yellow handbag and wear blue jeans.

Keep Smiling Tee

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Madeworn "Keep Smiling" Tee – a vintage-inspired, ultra-soft cotton masterpiece featuring a distressed "Have a fun day!" slogan for a timeless look that effortlessly blends comfort with a positive mindset. 

And the green color is so cool 😎