A person with long blonde hair stands in front of a red door with black trim. They are dressed in a white top, a dark blue jacket, and matching SPRWMN Navy Trouser with a relaxed fit, paired with white sneakers. One hand rests on their hip while the other holds the door handle's railing, epitomizing a casual-chic wardrobe style.
A person standing in front of a red door, wearing a white tank top under an open, dark long-sleeve shirt and matching relaxed-fit Navy Trouser by SPRWMN. The individual has one hand on a black rail and is partially on a concrete step, epitomizing a casual-chic wardrobe.

Navy Trouser

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Introducing the Navy Trouser by SPRWMN – the perfect complement to your casual-chic wardrobe.

Effortlessly blending comfort with a touch of understated sophistication, these trousers feature a relaxed fit and a rich navy hue, making them an essential pairing for the Oversized SPRWMN Button Long Sleeve Shirt.