A person stands wearing a chic and breezy Alix of Bohemia Eyelet Shirt with intricate lace details on the shoulders and hemline. The person pairs the shirt with blue jeans and wears drop earrings. The background shows a white wall and some foliage, perfect for summer picnics.
A person wears a chic and breezy white, short-sleeve Eyelet Shirt with lace detailing along the chest and lower section by Alix of Bohemia, paired with blue jeans. They stand outdoors next to a wall with flowers, hands in their jeans pockets—perfect attire for summer picnics.

Eyelet Shirt

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The Alix of Bohemia Eyelet Shirt reminds us of Summer picnics and gatherings.

The delicate eyelet detailing and relaxed silhouette gives it an effortlessly chic and breezy look, combining style and comfort.