A person stands outdoors in a cobblestone area, wearing a light pink, long-sleeve, semi-transparent shirt and blue jeans. Their hands are tucked into their jean pockets. The background appears to be an urban setting, showcasing the effortless style of a PATRICK ASSARAF L/S Reverse Spray T-Shirt crafted from premium Peruvian Cotton.
A person with long, wavy hair is shown standing against a plain backdrop, looking to the side. They are wearing a light pink PATRICK ASSARAF L/S Reverse Spray T-Shirt made from premium Peruvian Cotton, paired with white pants, with their hands in their pockets.

L/S Reverse Spray T-Shirt

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Patrick Assaraf slim long sleeve crew neck t-shirt in premium Peruvian Cotton.  The Reverse Spray Color is achieved by an artisanal dyeing process which results in a subtle vintage look.