A woman wearing sunglasses, a Sage color Raizel Leather jacket from Mauritius, and a long denim skirt stands casually leaning against a white pillar with a relaxed smile. The background features a store entrance with glass doors and potted plants on the sides.
A mannequin dressed in a Mauritius Raizel Leather in sage color over a white t-shirt with a colorful graphic design, paired with blue jeans and a brown belt. In the background, there is a well-lit clothing store interior with various items and decorations on display.
A mannequin is displayed in a store, dressed in a sage color Mauritius Raizel Leather jacket over a white buttoned top with a gold necklace, accessorized with blue jeans and a beige belt. The background features various clothing items on racks and shelves.
A woman with curly brown hair smiles while looking at the camera. She is wearing a light green Mauritius Raizel Leather jacket in sage color over a green top and is standing outdoors. The background is blurred, highlighting her as the main focus of the image.
The Mauritius Raizel Leather Jacket in a sophisticated sage color features a notched lapel collar, asymmetrical front zipper, and two zippered pockets on each side. The jacket also boasts stitched detailing on the shoulders and a fitted silhouette.
A back view of a light brown Raizel Leather by Mauritius. The jacket features a symmetrical design with stitching details, shoulder and elbow patches, and zippers on the sleeve cuffs. The collar is folded down, and there are adjustable straps on each side near the waist.
A beige Mauritius Raizel Leather and a colorful pleated skirt are displayed on a mannequin in a boutique. The jacket is unzipped, revealing a white T-shirt with black text. The boutique's interior with wooden flooring and garments on hangers is visible in the background.

Raizel Leather

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Sharp and sleek. The Mauritius Raizel Leather Jacket is a classic fitted jacket with gold zipper detailing in a beautiful Sage color. Perfect for your Spring wardrobe.

100% Lambskin Leather. Run small. You may want to size up.

Pair with the Beach Boys Tee and Ivanhoe Jean