A woman with blonde hair, wearing sunglasses, a tan Sofia Leather Jacket by Mauritius, white shirt, and long denim skirt, stands leaning against a storefront. She has one hand in her pocket and is smiling. The storefront has a sign that reads "SPECTACLES" and showcases eyeglasses inside.
A person with long hair wears a yellow Sofia Leather Jacket by Mauritius over a sweater displaying the American flag. They also have on a frayed denim mini skirt. The background features parts of a building and some greenery.
A mannequin in a boutique wears a yellow lambskin Sofia Leather Jacket by Mauritius over a T-shirt with "OK. FE" and a rainbow graphic, paired with cuffed blue jeans. The store interior showcases various clothes and accessories, creating a trendy atmosphere.
A mannequin dressed in a casual outfit, featuring a yellow Sofia Leather Jacket by Mauritius, white sweatshirt, blue denim skirt, and blue scarf with white patterns. The background shows a clothing store with hanging garments and a polished wooden floor.
A young woman with curly hair is smiling and leaning against a wall on a sunny day. She is wearing the Sofia Leather Jacket by Mauritius, a white top, and jeans. She holds a strand of her hair with one hand while the other arm is crossed. The background shows a blurred street scene.

Sofia Leather Jacket

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The Sofia Leather Jacket is the Best Selling style from Mauritius. The 100% Lambskin Leather fitted style in Pale Yellow is a great addition to your #MotoJacket collection or just to add a spark of color to your Spring wardrobe. Pair with the American Flag Sweater and Moussy Skirt, or the Pink Floyd Tee and Cuffed Romeo Jean.