A bottle of Apothia's CA Aromatic Mini Diffuser with three sticks placed inside sits on a table, emanating an aroma of exotic flowers. Behind it is the packaging box with "CA" prominently displayed in large gold letters. The background shows a dimly lit room with various items.
The CA Aromatic Mini Diffuser by Apothia includes a glass bottle labeled "Apothia" filled with liquid and several wooden reeds. The bottle is accompanied by a sleek white box with large golden letters "CA" and the text "The California Aromatic Diffuser," offering a blend of exotic flowers for a California fresh scent.

CA Aromatic Mini Diffuser

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Bring this Apothia California fresh scent to your home with this reed mini diffuser..

The scent is a blend of citrus and vibrant green leaves perfectly balanced with exotic flowers and enhanced with a deep scent of woods and musk.