A white RE/DONE Classic Snoopy Tennis t-shirt on a hanger features a cartoon illustration of Snoopy wearing a baseball cap, hitting a tennis ball with a racket. The word "Pow!" is displayed next to the ball. Made from 100% cotton, this tee combines comfort with nostalgic charm.
A white RE/DONE Classic Snoopy Tennis t-shirt featuring a cartoon dog hitting a tennis ball with the word "Pow!" above it lies on a pair of blue jeans. At the foreground, there is a pair of white sneakers with red and yellow accents. A red hat is partially visible to the right.
A casual outfit laid out on a light wood floor, featuring a 100% cotton white t-shirt with a cartoon character and "Pow!" text, blue cuffed jeans, and a green crossbody bag from RE/DONE's Classic Snoopy Tennis collection.

Classic Snoopy Tennis

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You know we love Snoopy! And her he is playing tennis. The Re/Done classic fit t-shirt is a crowd favorite. 

100% cotton.

Shown with R13 Cuffed Boy Straight Jeans, Status Anxiety Phone Bag and Oncept Sneakers.