A person wears rolled-up, slim fit R13 Cuffed Boy Straight blue jeans paired with black heeled sandals. They have a black leather jacket and a belt with a prominent metallic buckle. The background is plain grey. Only the lower half of their body is visible.
A person models cuffed, distressed R13 Cuffed Boy Straight jeans with a black leather belt showcasing a prominent "B" buckle. They wear a black leather cropped jacket and have a keychain and wallet attached to the belt. The outfit is completed with black open-toe sandals.
A pair of R13 Cuffed Boy Straight denim jeans with a slightly faded finish, featuring front pockets and rolled-up cuffs. The slim fit Boy Straight design is laid flat on a light background, boasting a classic button and zipper closure.
A person is shown from the back, wearing R13 Cuffed Boy Straight jeans in Capel Selvedge Blue and black heeled sandals. They are also sporting a black leather jacket and holding a small chain purse in their left hand. The background is plain and light-colored.
Close-up of a pair of R13's Cuffed Boy Straight jeans showing the inner tag, which reads "Limited Edition 7500." The tag is sewn onto the jeans with visible stitching. The jeans, featuring a classic blue denim with metal buttons and yellow stitching along the seams, are designed in a straight fit style.

Cuffed Boy Straight

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The iconic slim fit Boy Straight by R13 features a slim straight cropped leg, a lower rise and just a hint of stretch. These may just be the coolest pair of jeans in your closet.

98% cotton. 2% polyurethane. Limited Edition Series. Each piece is unique.

Color is Capel Selvedge Blue