A person wearing a white ribbed tank top under a blue, yellow, black, and white plaid blazer. The Smythe Cut-Away Blazer has a single-button closure and two front pockets. With one hand on their hip revealing a silver ring with a small round stone, they epitomize modern aesthetics in dark jeans.
A woman with wavy hair and glasses stands smiling in a stylish cafe with modern aesthetics. She is wearing an effortlessly chic Smythe Cut-Away Blazer, black top, jeans, and brown boots while gesturing with her right hand near a round table set with cups.
A person with long, dark hair poses confidently. They are wearing a stylish blue, yellow, and white plaid Smythe Cut-Away Blazer over a white shirt, paired with black pants. One hand is resting in their pocket while the other hangs by their side. The modern aesthetics of the look make it effortlessly chic against the plain background.
A person with long dark hair is wearing a tailored Smythe Cut-Away Blazer with a blue, white, and yellow plaid pattern. The jacket has gold buttons on the sleeves. Seen from the back, with one arm slightly bent and wearing dark pants, they exude an effortlessly chic vibe that epitomizes modern aesthetics.

Cut-Away Blazer

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Experience a fresh silhouette that embodies modern aesthetics while staying true to the unmistakable SMYTHE fit. Elevate your wardrobe with ease by draping it over a crisp white tee and pairing it with denim, creating a laid-back and effortlessly chic vibe.