A person with their hair tied back is wearing a 100% cotton Dara Shirt from Herskind with an exaggerated collar and brown trousers. They are standing against a plain background with one hand resting on their hip, looking in the distance with a neutral expression.
A person wearing the Dara Shirt by Herskind, a black button-up made from 100% cotton with a pointed, big collar. The individual is shown from the shoulders up against a plain background.
A navy blue long-sleeve button-up shirt with a big collar is neatly displayed against a plain white background. The Herskind Dara Shirt, made from 100% cotton, features a classic design with seven buttons down the front and buttoned cuffs on the sleeves.
A white, long-sleeved Herskind Dara Shirt with a big collar is displayed against a plain light background. This 100% cotton button-up features a refined pointed collar, making it both stylish and comfortable.
A person with their back to the camera is wearing a white long-sleeve button-up Dara Shirt by Herskind and khaki pants. Their hair is tied back in a bun. The big collar shirt, made of 100% cotton, stands out against a plain gradient background transitioning from light to darker tones.

Dara Shirt

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The 100% cotton Herskind Dara Shirt is a big collar shirt with a regular fit.

It features slightly dropped shoulders and men's style sleeves.