A red Madeworn Def Leppard Tee hangs on a wooden hanger outdoors. The vintage design features a roaring leopard inside a circular border with a sunset color gradient. The word "Def Leppard" is written in stylized text below the leopard. Perfect as a Madeworn unisex band tee, plants and a window frame are visible in the background.
A red Madeworn Def Leppard Tee hangs on a wooden coat hanger outside. The shirt features a graphic of a roaring leopard with its paw raised, set within a colorful circular design, and the text "Def Leppard" beneath it. This Madeworn unisex band tee shows small paint stains and a slightly worn appearance.
A red Madeworn Def Leppard Tee featuring a snarling leopard with a rainbow background, paired with high-waisted, distressed blue denim shorts. Both items are laid flat on a wooden floor.

Def Leppard Tee

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Madeworn knows how to do a band tee and we are OBSESSED with their latest Def Leppard tee.

This tee is unisex, so keep that in mind when choosing a size (in other words... it runs big :)).