A black clutch purse with a sleek, shiny surface. The top half is adorned with an arrangement of fringed tassels hanging down, adding a textured, dynamic element to the design. This Essentiel Antwerp Fringe Pouch features a plain off-white background, making its exquisite details stand out.
Close-up image of a black tassel fringe on an Essentiel Antwerp Fringe Pouch. The array of dense, uniformly arranged tassels hangs vertically, with the texture of the fabric and intricate knots at the top of each tassel prominently visible. The sleek design is enhanced by an innovative magnetic fastening system.
A close-up view of an open black Essentiel Antwerp Fringe Pouch with a label reading "ESSENTIEL" attached to its inner lining. The handbag features multiple black tassels hanging from the outer edge, and a magnetic fastening is visible on the top.

Fringe Pouch

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This Essentiel Antwerp pouch features a playful row of tassels at the top that sways as you walk. The magnetic fastening opens up to ample space, making it an ideal companion for your nights out.