A small, vibrant red Henry Beguelin Bag with a cross-stitch design on the front flap. The handmade leather patchwork adds a crafted look, with visible stitching along the borders. The background features blurred greenery and flowers, adding a natural touch to the image.
A Henry Beguelin Bag from Henry Beguelin, this red square-shaped handbag with a silver chain strap is pictured against a backdrop of plants and flowers. The bag features handmade leather patchwork details and a small embroidered figure near the bottom corner.
A small white handmade leather Henry Beguelin Bag with a black chain handle. The front flap features black stitching details forming a plus sign with a small "X" at the center and a tiny stick figure at the bottom right corner. The long white strap is detachable and made by Henry Beguelin.
A close-up of a white leather handbag from Henry Beguelin showcases a sturdy black chain strap and decorative cross-stitch detailing on the flap. The handmade leather patchwork and intricate stitching add an element of sophistication to this Henry Beguelin Bag's design.
A person wearing a black cardigan over a white T-shirt with a printed orange cartoon heart and text, "LOVE IS HAPPENING, BABY!" They have a small Henry Beguelin Bag with a chain strap hanging around their neck. Their outfit includes blue jeans.
Close-up of a red leather Henry Beguelin Bag with a thick, silver chain strap. The bag has criss-cross stitching details and a small, whimsical figure at the bottom right. Folded fabric with a checkered pattern is visible to the side, and a blurred background.
A Henry Beguelin Bag featuring minimalist stitched detailing on the front. This small crossbody bag is displayed outdoors with a backdrop of blooming flowers and greenery, reflecting a bright and fresh atmosphere.
A pastel blue Henry Beguelin Bag with a silver chain strap is displayed outdoors. The handbag features unique "X" pattern stitching on its front, showcasing its handmade leather patchwork. The modern, minimalist design stands out against the blurred greenery and flowers in the background.

Henry Beguelin Bag

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Henry Beguelin small crossbody bag.
Handmade leather patchwork. Flap Top with snap closure. Chain link braided with leather with detachable adjustable leather crossbody strap. Inside leather lining with one slip pocket.
  • Dimensions: H.17 x W.14 x D.6 cm / 6.69" x 5.51" x 2.36"
  • Handmade in Vigevano - Italy