A person stands outdoors against a white wall, wearing a black and white floral-patterned dress with short sleeves and a collar. They are holding a small maroon handbag and wearing tall black boots. Only the lower face and body are visible, exuding an effortlessly chic Le Superbe California Hibiscus Sequin Polo vibe.
A person stands in front of a red door, posing with hands in pockets. They are wearing a black and white patterned Hibiscus Sequin Polo shirt by Le Superbe, cuffed Moussy jeans, and pointed black high heels. Their long, wavy hair obscures most of their face. The setting appears to be outdoors.

Hibiscus Sequin Polo

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You know I love to add sequins in my daily outfits. Le Superbe California makes that easy with their Sequin Polo shirt.

I love it paired with Moussy jeans or dress it up with the matching pull-on skirt. Either way, you will look very cool.