A person wearing black, form-fitting leather pants and black strappy high-heeled sandals stands against a plain white background. The sleek Jetset Pant from Frame has a slight sheen. The person's hands are behind their back, with just a hint of their white top visible.
The image captures the midsection of a person wearing high-waisted black faux leather pants paired with a white top. The pants fit snugly around the waist and hips, showcasing a sleek and stylish Jetset Pant by Frame, similar to high-rise leggings but with a more polished look.
Close-up side view of a person wearing Jetset Pant from Frame and a tucked-in white top. The image focuses on the lower torso and hip area, showing a seam detail on the pants. The person’s arm is relaxed by their side against a white background.
A person is shown from the back, wearing fitted black Jetset Pant and black strappy high-heeled sandals. The individual is also wearing a white top from Frame, and the background is a plain white wall.

Jetset Pant

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These #BestSelling high-rise ,skinny, crop leggings by FRAME, are a fall/winter #MustHave.

Dress these up for a night out with a blazer thrown over a simple Perfect White Tee, or wear them with a sweater for a simple, chic look.