A person with curly hair and glasses takes a mirror selfie in a bright room. They are wearing a denim jacket over a white shirt, black SPRWMN Leather Drawstring Jogger, and black flats. A bed, pillows, and sunlight coming through the window are visible in the background.
A person standing against a plain background, wearing a white sleeveless ribbed top and black Leather Drawstring Jogger pants from SPRWMN with extreme breathability. Their hands are in their pockets. They are also wearing black and white Adidas sneakers. The person's head is not visible in the image.
A pair of black **SPRWMN Leather Drawstring Jogger** pants with a white drawstring at the waist. These pants feature extreme breathability, a relaxed fit with elastic cuffs at the ankles, and have a subtle texture.
A person stands indoors next to a white-painted brick wall and a window. They are wearing black leather joggers with pockets, a white shirt, a black vest, and black ankle boots. With hands in their pockets and standing on the wooden floor, their outfit showcases stylish Leather Drawstring Jogger by SPRWMN known for extreme breathability.

Leather Drawstring Jogger

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Using the finest materials, these SPRWMN joggers are made to last. The leather materials are sourced from renowned French artisans celebrated for pioneering stretchy skin leather. The adaptable stretch leather elegantly suits diverse body types and features "extreme breathability" technology for year-round comfort.

Kitt is wearing size medium.