A person in a black long-sleeved top is wearing a colorful, flowing Essentiel Antwerp Midi Esanta Skirt with a peacock feather pattern, standing in front of a decorative peace symbol wall art. Dry pampas grass decorates one side of the room.
A person stands indoors holding a pair of sunglasses. They are wearing a black, long-sleeve, off-the-shoulder top paired with a Midi Esanta Skirt from Essentiel Antwerp. Their nails are painted yellow and they are wearing bright pink socks. Light decorations are in the background.
A knee-length skirt with a high waist, featuring a vibrant and colorful pattern of swirling brush strokes in red, blue, green, yellow, and other hues against a black background. The jacquard-woven fabric and pleated design of this Midi Esanta Skirt by Essentiel Antwerp add volume and texture.
A vibrant outfit displayed on a wooden floor consists of an orange fuzzy cardigan with white buttons and a colorful, swirly-patterned midi-length skirt. The Midi Esanta Skirt, from Essentiel Antwerp, features a mix of bright colors including reds, blues, yellows, and greens in a dynamic design.
A person with wavy blonde hair stands in front of a mirror, taking a selfie. They are wearing an Essentiel Antwerp Midi Esanta Skirt made from jacquard-woven fabric, paired with a black top. The room features a modern, neutral-toned decor with a bed, armchair, and geometric rug.

Midi Esanta Skirt

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fitted waistband helps this Essentiel Antwerp midi-length skirt fall to a voluminous A-line shape accentuated by the box pleat details. 

Made from an intricately jacquard-woven fabric that is decorated with a mesmerizing print.

Like their motto says, Essentiel Antwerp is #NeverBoring