A person stands against a neutral background, wearing a white, long-sleeved V-neck Sonny Loop Terry sweatshirt and matching summer sweat shorts made from loop terry fabric by perfectwhitetee. Their hair is tied up, and they have a neutral expression while looking towards the camera.
Close-up of a person wearing a white V-neck sweater made from Sonny Loop Terry by perfectwhitetee. The image captures the shoulder and part of the upper torso, revealing the texture and stitching details. The individual has dark hair tied back, with part of their ear and neck visible.

Sonny Loop Terry

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This beloved silhouette remains a top choice among customers, now available in our delightful loop terry fabric. Combine it with our Gogo jogger or the Summer sweat short for a chic look. And don't forget to take it along as your swim bottom for a beach day. Remember to include us in your plans!