A person is wearing a vibrant, multi-colored floral Vicki Dress with short sleeves and a belted waist, showcasing contemporary silhouettes by Saloni. They hold a small green handbag in their left hand and have long hair. The background is plain white.
A person in a vibrant, multicolored midi Vicki Dress by Saloni with short sleeves stands facing away, holding a small green handbag. They are wearing brown strappy sandals and have short hair. The background is plain white, highlighting the contemporary silhouette of the outfit.

Vicki Dress

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Characterized by vibrant prints, bold colors, and contemporary silhouettes, SALONI embodies the modern woman while paying tribute to the designer's Indian heritage. 

The Vicki Dress self ties at waist, has side slit pockets, a yoke back and falls just below the knee. 100% Silk