A person with long, wavy black hair is posing against a plain background. They are wearing a light-colored Annie Tank by perfectwhitetee and dark jeans. The individual is looking at the camera with a slight smile and has one hand on their hip.
A person with long, wavy dark hair is wearing a green, form-fitting ribbed Annie Tank from perfectwhitetee and blue jeans. They are posing confidently with one hand on their hip against a plain background.
A woman with long, wavy dark hair stands against a white background. She is wearing the perfectwhitetee Annie Tank and blue jeans. She has a neutral expression on her face and her arms are relaxed by her sides. She has hoop earrings and a thin necklace.
A plain, black, sleeveless Annie Tank from perfectwhitetee made from recycled cotton with a round neckline is displayed on a white background. The fabric appears smooth and form fitting, with no visible patterns or logos.

Annie Tank

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Perfect White Tee recycled and organic cottons create a rich, textured fabric.

This ribbed tank features a high neck and form fitting body. Wear with a pair of r13 jeans and Smythe blazer for a classic, timeless outfit. Mindfully made in California.