A woman with long brown hair is sitting on the floor against a plain background. She is wearing a fitted white Jagger Layering Tank by perfectwhitetee, crafted from soft cotton, and blue jeans. Her right hand is resting on the floor, and her left hand is touching her head. She is looking to her left with a relaxed expression.
A person with long, wavy brown hair and freckles stands in front of a neutral backdrop. They are wearing the perfectwhitetee Jagger Layering Tank, a black, sleeveless top made from soft cotton, looking to the side with a calm expression. This versatile wardrobe piece is perfect for any occasion.

Jagger Layering Tank

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This classic shape is carefully made from soft cotton, designed to easily go with any outfit in your wardrobe. Whether you wear it as a simple layer under your favorite pieces or on its own, you might just end up wearing it all year round.