A woman stands in front of a mirror, taking a selfie with her phone. She is smiling and wearing glasses, a black shirt, Moussy Packard Shorts with frayed edges and button fly, flip-flops, and several bracelets. Her hair is tied up, and she is in a light-colored room.
A pair of blue Moussy Packard Shorts by Moussy with distressed details, frayed hems, front pockets, belt loops, and a button fly closure. The 100% cotton fabric features several worn and torn areas, giving them a rugged, vintage look. The shorts are laid flat against a plain white background.
Close-up of a person wearing Moussy Packard Shorts by Moussy in a light blue wash, featuring frayed hems, multiple rips, and a button fly. Made from 100% cotton, these shorts have five pockets, including a coin pocket. The person is also wearing a white, sleeveless top.
Side view of a person wearing light blue Moussy Packard Shorts by Moussy with frayed hems and a tan leather patch on the waistband with text. Featuring a button fly, these 100% cotton shorts are paired with a white top, but only the bottom portion is visible. The background is plain and light-colored.
A person wearing Moussy Packard Shorts by Moussy, a black shirt, and white lace-up boots stands against a plain background. The 100% cotton shorts have frayed hems and a button fly, while the boots feature black laces and thick soles.
A person wearing a white t-shirt, Moussy Moussy Packard Shorts with a button fly, and flip-flops stands in front of a full-length mirror taking a selfie. The room has wooden floors, a white bed with decorative pillows, a bedside table, and framed artwork.
A summer outfit laid out on a wooden floor includes a large beige tote bag, a woven straw hat, tan slide sandals, and 100% cotton Moussy Moussy Packard Shorts with a button fly.

Moussy Packard Shorts

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Moussy Packard distressed shorts. A WEST fave! 😎

100% cotton. Button fly. Owner, Kitt Shapiro, likes them a little baggy, so she sizes up. 😊

Pictured with Perfect White Tee t-shirts, Travaux en Cours Tote Bag, Raffia Hat, BEEK Pelican Slides.