A pair of handmade Madeworn Peace Now Sweatpants is displayed on a wooden floor. The left leg features a white dove and the text "Peace Now!" on the thigh, and a circular red logo near the ankle. The right leg has a patch with an American flag and a peace sign on the thigh, all in a vintage unisex fit.
A person is standing on a brick pavement in a light gray tracksuit featuring various patches, including "Peace Now" and the word "LOVE" on the hoodie, and a red and blue patch on the handmade Peace Now Sweatpants by Madeworn. They're wearing black flip-flops. A plant and a storefront are visible in the background.
A pair of white handmade Peace Now Sweatpants displayed on a wooden floor. The left leg features a black dove with the phrase "Peace Now!!" above it, while the right leg has a peace hand gesture decorated with an American flag pattern. These vintage unisex fit pants by Madeworn blend style and comfort effortlessly.

Peace Now Sweatpants

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Make a statement with MadeWorn Peace Now French Terry Sweatpants.

A vintage unisex fit, these sweatpants are cut, sewn and distressed entirely by hand in Los Angeles California. Every piece is unique and one of a kind. 


100% cotton