A person with close-cropped hair stands against a plain background, exuding a chic and sophisticated silhouette in black rectangular sunglasses, a Zadig & Voltaire Satin Cami, and light-colored pants. They have a confident expression and hold one hand in their pocket, showcasing versatile layering.
A person with dark skin and short hair is standing with their back to the camera, exuding a chic and sophisticated silhouette. They are wearing a Satin Cami from Zadig & Voltaire, light-colored pants, sunglasses, and earrings. The background is plain white.
A person with a short hairstyle is wearing dark sunglasses, a Zadig & Voltaire Satin Cami, and light, loose-fitting trousers. They have a relaxed stance with one hand in their pocket and the other hanging by their side. The chic and sophisticated silhouette stands out against the plain white background.

Satin Cami

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Elevate your wardrobe with the Zadig Voltaire Satin Cami in judo white, a flowing satin top exuding elegance. Featuring a round neckline and cutaway shoulders, it offers a chic and sophisticated silhouette, perfect for effortless styling and versatile layering.